Saturday, June 9, 2012

Midyear Already??

It's pretty late in the night. And here I am, finally showing up after some long looooong time. Is it just me or life really speeds up? Already midyear? What did you guys miss?

*plays Elephant Gun by Beirut as background music*

Fiiiirst, I am 20yo this February! ....and I'm old. Bleh. I just don't really like the thought of being old, mostly physically. But I'm really grateful to my dear friends who prepared a small surprise event in the middle of the night (including you guys who've made me ran away from blocks to blocks and tied me up on the street), those who've sent me birthday greetings and wishes. Thank you :-)

Where have I been? Well, this semester really is giving me so much headaches. My choice of being a campus activist didn't get along well with this semester's assignments. I am in a major deadlines but this always-tired-ass  have made me spent most of my free time sleeping. I don't really have that much free time because of those campus activities. I am also taking extra classes outside the campus because you just thought that your campus didn't really provide enough education, and those never ending pile of works, like, I have 5 website projects due next week and still in the process of figuring out how to do it. Plus, finals are coming in a week. This month couldn't be better. *rolling eyes*

*le sigh

Man, I just can't wait for this month to end and I'll have the most cat-like vacation everrr! I'm planning to stay hid at home during my vacation, enjoying every bits of it because before you know, next semester is approaching at full speed! And I can't wait to meet my cats, eat home made dish, and (maybe) meet my high school friends.

I think this much is enough for today. We'll see when I'll be blogging again, I'm just plain lazy!

In case you guys forget how do I look... (really, Vebry? Really??! lol)

This is me trying to look cute and obviously failed x)
Until next time!!!!!!!

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buddy said...

Hi Vebry,,anyway it's been long time not to see someone uses english in blogging..very rare, isn't it..?

carry on girl, i will subscribe your posting..(probably to boost my english skill..:D)

keep writing, your posting is astonishing..;)