Monday, December 26, 2011

A So-Called End Year Post.

Ugh, I need to post something... Only 3 posts this year? 

Well, hello, everyone. So first of all, Happy Christmas to those who celebrate, and it's almost new year!! *fireworks from distance*.


After looking at my blog-archive for this year, It looks like I didn't write any new year resolutions for 2011. Too bad though. I think I'll just write down what I'd accomplished this year.

1. I am gaining weight. FOR REAL. I'll just go aksnfkjskajsd
2. Good grades. Even it's less than my first semester. *scratch head* Oh wait my first GPA was also in 2011.
3. I was selected as a member of some outside campus organization. Still don't know how it works but that's also an achievement, right? Right?
4. Had my first concert and it was Paramore!! And I also got to watch my favorite band, Panic! at The Disco too! *thrills*

In this year I also discovered a lot of good musics that sometimes I'm always wondering why I hadn't known them in first place. I still can remember how shallow my taste of music was, by only listening to what my sister's currently listening at that time. But they say, better late than nothing. So here are my favorite artists/musicians of the year. You can also check out my's account too, we can be friends there :-)

1. Panic! at The Disco
Never get enough of them. Although their split in mid 2010, Urie and Smith doesn't stop doing music as well as Ross and Walker and I really enjoy Panic!'s newest works, Vices and Virtues (bought their awesome bundle too). 
Top three tracks (from their latest album) : Hurricane, Let's Kill Tonight, Nearly Witches (Ever Since We Met..)
2. Radiohead
This band is awesome. No more words.
Top three tracks albums: OK Computer, In Rainbows, Kid A.
Top three tracks: Weekend Wars, Song For Dan Treacy, It's Working.
4. Local Natives
I think this is the first indie band I'd liked with their songs I've been replaying like crazy. But somehow I don't really like their music videos, being hipster-ish and all, with some random teens just running happily around, lol. Nevertheless I still love their musics!!
Top three tracks: Shape Shifter, Cards and Quarters, World News.
5. Young The Giant
Cheers for good music and Sameer Gadhia's awesome vocal.
Top three tracks: St. Walker, Cough Syrup, My Body.
6. The Walkmen
I discovered them thanks to my friend's super awesome taste of music, Sarah, and now The Walkmen isn't going anywhere but my head.
Top three tracks: Angela Surf City, All My Great Designs, While I Shovel The Snow.
7. Beirut
Credit to Sarah again :-)
Top three tracks: Vagabond, Nantes, East Harlem

After contemplating on what to list next, I decided to keep the spotlight only for seven of them. 2012's resolutions? Well let's say I'll jot it down on my next post, probably.

Till next time :-)

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Anonymous said...

3 posts this year!? Really? Hahaha, busy much? :p