Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Feeling Somewhat Creative

Happy New Year everyone! I'm sorry that I havent updated this blog as often as I could, because of this college thing. I've finally finished my first semester and I'm waiting for my GPA as I'm spending my holiday back here in Pekanbaru. I have a month to spend, and I'm not really looking forward to spending it by going out, just chillin in my home till my butt goes flat lol.

I dont know why, but back when I was in Jakarta, my creativity was somewhat pumped, especially in watercolor painting and portrait drawing. I think I've painted over 10 pieces. Wow. Even for me, that's surely is a big number. Oh! I have funny story about this drawing-and-painting things. So, I have two sketchbooks; that-is-specially-made-for-watercolor and the other one is-specially-made-for-sketching/pencil (confused? I know -_-). I used the watercolor one for drawing with pencil and the sketching one for painting. Well, that's weird, duh. *dont find this funny? okay then...

curious? let's straight to the business!

a birthday gift for my friend :)

familiar? :)

Ugh, This is spamming..

Beside drawing and painting, another hobby that had came back to my mind is Photography. Not the digital one, the analogue one. Remember my new kid, Mini Diana? My first roll turned out disaster, which is so sad, because of my foolishness. Wrong setting applied to wrong time; so they were overexposured with a great amount of blurness. :|

The second roll turned out GOOD! as expected! :D

more in my flickr

I wonder why my Traffic Feed seems so crowded, but none of them left any comments. Well it 's alright cause it means people did visit my blog, accidentally or not *take a sip of tea*. let's continue to main topic then, what was it again? oh well... I'm out of topic anyway. So it means this is the end of my post *cries in the corner*

Until next time, and I hope it's not that loooong.

p.s My 19th Birthday is on its way. yay! But I doubt that there will be any surprises or celebrations because they had already started their college :(


cho said...

i don't mind blurry. really. and i think you made cool pencil sketches there! i do wish i had your talent.

happy 19th b'day, by the way. hope it's not that too late. ❤

Cassandra Niki said...

hey there's a lil bit of me there! and nice photos! my second roll was also way better than my first one. hope your GPA was satisfying x

vebryadayada said...

you think so? then it's good then :D
awh, that's okay, really. Thank you very berry much :-)

Kak Cass:
:$ I really enjoyed drawing you, I don't know why. Maybe I'll draw you again next time :D
Yes! It felt better knowing that I'm not that stupid using plastic camera :|
Thank you! I got a satisfying GPA btw :D