Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A New Comer.

Hello dear friends and fellow bloggers, long long looong time no see. And I'm really sorry that I've been abandoning this blog since, uhm, almost three month you can say *sweatdropped*. Well, I have a new live to adapt with. Welcome college student! No more tight school schedules, no more uniforms, no more High School and I'm starting to miss it. I miss Cendana. Who wouldnt miss this institute if you were there for.. 12 years!

Back to the topic then. I must say adjusting myself with this super metropolitan city is hard. Especially with pollutions; air pollution, sound pollution, even light pollution. Heavy smokers everywhere. I could recall my time in Pekanbaru that I haver never had any problem with nosebleed, but here, I have already got nosebleeds twice. I've never had pimples this much in Pekanbaru when they couldn't stop bothering my face here in Jakarta. Seriously, this city needs serious treatment. *sigh*

Also, it's hard to find economically clean food here, which had brought me to hospital due to intestine infection. Lying there for a week surely wasn't a pleasant memory for me, not only because I had to suffer there alone (for a day only tho, my dad went straight to Jakarta after I told him, my mom and my sist came a day after :D ), but also I missed my lectures in College (wait, isn't this a pleasant memory? lol). Oh dear Jeckardah.

Being an outsider, with my local accent and language are still freshly lingering in my head, has made me a weird girl lol. Some of my new friends here even tried to imitate my accent, which is weird for me to hear them talking with that accent because yeah, It just doesn't suit them.

And the most important thing about being a new comer is, discovering new places! Seriously, in less than 2 months I have gone to every places. I'm doing it all by my self and I love travelling alone. I mean, if you aren't bringing any companions, you don't have to ask them where to go, just go with the flow. You don't have to worry if they're bored or hungry or whatever. Just yourself. I only invited my friends if I wanted to.

By the way, I just purchased myself a Mini Diana! w00t! At last, man. I've been admiring this since it was first published and finally I could buy it now. Too bad they aren't selling this with the flash tho. Can't wait for the first roll omg I'm getting excited! (nah, that's too much) lol.

Haven't seen my photographs since ages? prepare for this! :D
Stasiun Jakarta Kota

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