Monday, August 16, 2010

New Perspective

This is my nth attempts to write a new post just so you know. I am stuck, I don't know what to write. But it's not like I'm losing my interest in writing--oh well if I had one. Sometime the sudden urge to type words in this dear blog eagers me to write a new post. But in the middle of my writing I suddenly feel lost-lost in my vocabs and inspirations. *exhale*

Enough blabbering, How are you guys? How's your life so far? eh, me? If you say so, I'll gladly share my stories to you! *flattering myself* *cough* well, I'm fine, fine enough to spend my time slacking around without any inspirations. No recent shots, drawings, just slacking around.

I have moved to Jakarta to (desperately) continue my studies in Trisakti University, since I wasn't accepted in Universities I want, ITB.

"It was a missed opportunity, but there will always be a next time." - Virender Sehwag
Yes, next time. There will always be next time. I'm going to try again to pursue my dream in ITB, since I am so--What? Selfish? Simple minded? I don't know, It's just that I'm really serious when I said that I want to study in ITB. I don't care if people say, "you'll waste your age, your life." It's fine, right? I mean, It's worth it. To spend your time--your age to study, to learn. (IMHO) But I'll only try once more. If I am not accepted again, then I'm sure that God wants me to finish my degrees in Trisakti.

Trivial section!

I lost my phone once. Have I told you that? I lost my phone in one of Bandung public transportation, angkot, if I'm not mistaken, It was only three days after I moved there. I was terribly sad, of course! A lot of contacts stored there and precious memories three years in High School, just vanished. *sobs* When I first lost my cellphone, I dialed it to death with my friend's cellphone. No response, rejected, and inactivated. It's gone. I got the replacement though, 2 months later, a Blackberry. It's really convenient, isn't it? (norak mode: on) LOL

I still don't have any chance for some photo shoots, I'm really craving for it. I only took some useless craps of my self. I need a model, by any chance!

Recently, I suddenly have become an anime freak. Downloading it all like there's no tomorrow. That was the first time I knew La Corda D'oro. And because of that, I really want to learn violin oh my God. You can say that I'm a really easy-influenced person. But it's been a month since i knew that anime and I still have that desire. A new record. I really wish I would be able to buy a violin and get a proper lesson.

My second roll of Octopus is finished. But I still didn't have any chance to bring it to the scan lab, not to mention that I forgot my Flash disk. So, soon it will be!

Our long awaited high school year book's finally done! I'm really glad that our work is now presentable to everyone, after those secret-dirty-complicated situations between us (committee), the studio, and err--one-of-a-kind school official. *slaps in face*

About the post title, well it's just one of Panic at the Disco song title, since I don't have any idea about what should it be anyway. If you (accidentally) found any correlation between them or not, so let them be! *smirk*

What else could it be? So I guess it's the end of my post. Sorry for posting without any pictures, you know that I desperately want to. Sorry for any grammar mistakes :D

Care to share what's on your mind? Just drop some comments below, thanks and Ciao!
Happy Fasting everyone!