Friday, June 4, 2010


Frustrating. That word fits me, my condition. Why? Since I failed on my first ITB entrance exam, I was depressed. I was like, "OMFG, why the hell this shit happened to me?" or "Oh my, why those people are lucky but I'm not?" I hated my self even more. I kept on questioning myself, "am I that stupid?" Well, whatever, I had to continue my life. I packed my suitcase and went to Bandung because I heard that some of Cendana's student who didnt past the first test last year studied in a "Bimbingan Belajar" called Sony Su*gema College, then they passed the second test. Wanting to try my luck again, so I signed in there.

First days in Bandung really gave different atmosphere. Nice breeze, which I like the most (unlike in Pekanbaru). That was the first time I fell head over heels with Bandung. Wow I really love Bandung! The most exciting part is, I have my own place, a small "studio apartment" to live in. I have my own everything! It was weird at the first time. I feel scared but excited, silly but glad.

Continuing the main topic (well I am too excited to tell you guys about my first time being a "Studio apartment people" -whadda strange name -_-), I kept on studying every time. Replaying and improving my basic math lessons, Praying to God, etc etc. I also met new friends! Bandung people sure are friendly and nice.

It's been a month since I moved to Bandung, time really goes fast. I have had my second yet last chance to enter ITB. Yes, the Second Entrance exam of ITB. I've done my best. Now all I need to do is keep on praying. ITB will announce the result on June 10th. It really is frustrating for me waiting for the result. Frustrating. Frustrating. God please give me what I've been wanting for years, STEI ITB. Amin.


It's time for the pictures' time! By the way, I bought a new Toy camera, at last! I really want the Lomos, but my wallet can't afford it. (Next time, Vebry) So, Welcome Yellow Octopus!

and here is my first roll scanlations. What do ya think? ;)

Dreams in My Sleep

have a nice day, all!

I dont know the exact phrase of "Bimbingan Belajar". Well, it's a place where we reviewed our lesson at school, but it isnt same as a regular course, by the way. Im sorry!
STEI ITB stands for Sekolah Tinggi Elektro dan Informatica, or known in English as School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics.
Again, sorry for my bad English (in case i made a mistake in grammar or somthin) Pardon me, I'm still a learnie :)


Wanda said...

cmon, honey V. I know you can do it! (is it just me or does "honey V" sounds soo wrong? ah well) btw, who took the picture with you posing in it?

vebryadayadaaa said...

honey V! LOL!
it does sound really wrong >:)
Feby took it. Why, Am I too cute?

Wanda said...

you look so promising, babe. Sama febi kau? Aww I wish I had an adventure like you