Sunday, March 14, 2010

Letters, Stories and Dreams by Cassandra Niki

If you are one of those bloggers out there, you should have known Cassandra Niki. A genius photographer who turns out to be a writer had launched her very first book! Introducing; Letters, Stories, and Dreams.

This novel contains many stories and life experiences packaged in an interesting and youthful book. The use of language and also the storyline are very easy to understand even if you're not her blog reader. Even we, her loyal readers, will know more details about the things that she had written on her blog.

So, what is the point of this novel? Of course, the dilemma of youth’s love life (haha blame my language). How her life and her love life with her boyfriend Jonas is the main story of this novel. But personally I would consider this novel contains her love fight for her mate!

For me, the best part of that novel is all of them! I really mean it! I love the way Cassey arranges the storyline, her dreams, and also her love letter to Jonas; to start and to end their relationship. If some people say “letter is so last year”, I bet they won’t say that again after reading her sentimental letters.

The negative side would be, like, it’s still not enough! Last part of the novel is hanging and it makes me curious about the rest of it even though her novel is over. Furthermore, it took only three hours for me to finish this book. It means ... I'll be waiting for your next book, Cass!

C’mon people grab it fast! I’m expecting this book will be best seller sooner!


Mudrica Rusfiani said...

aku mau bacaa dri dulu. tpi ditempatku blom ad.

btw, salam kenal ya.
cute blog. :)


hello Vebry..

thanks ya udah mampir di blog-ku :)
and thank you for this great review of Cassey's book. udah baca belom dia? nanti aku kasi tau dia kalo belom!

vebryadayadaaa said...

iya? semoga cepat ada ya!
salam kenal, thanks!

No problem :)
iya kak Cassey udah tau kok
Thanks juga udah comment di sini, nice to know you!