Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Hope

Hello Everyone,

it's the January, folks! After a breathtaking Semester exams which I got pretty good marks on my report book (thank God), a lousy holiday, here comes the extra-tight schedules. well, although I had nothing to do in that holiday-still, out of inspirations and creativities- but most of you surely had a good holiday, didn't you?

To end 2009 was really difficult thing to do, for me. Why? Because 2009 was just like my last Senior High school year (I hate using those past tenses about 2009, always reminds me that 2009 is only a memory). Not literally, but it's true, isn't it? This year, all of us will be busy attending universities' entrance tests. No more time for doing some dilly-dally (have I turned into an emo girl? lol).
As days and weeks keep continuing, today is middle of January already. I'm going to submit more than FIVE universities registrations this week. also I come home from school later than usual, 4pm. yeah, I'm getting busier until March, but I'll take another courses. I'm tired.

What are your 2010's resolutions? Well, although it's already late to talk about resolutions, but I'll continue.
First, I really-really-really-really want to gain more weight :( look at this freakin tiny body (nah I won't let you look at it :p) It's really disgusting! Last holiday I spent days by eating junks, but it didn't work. Is it my fate to own this tiny body? Second I'm really hoping one of my universities entrance tests passed, at least before I attend National Examination!! AMIN! Third, of course get out of that school with grades.

I think those are my current wishes. Oh! add another one! In 2010 i want to be more creative, inspired, and diligent! I hope I could write another post asap, updating my DeviantArt, not junking on Twitter ( well I couldn't, but I'm trying to reduce it-or do you mind if I continue junking?).

Could you tell me your 2010 resolutions or hopes? I'll wait :)

p.s. I'm sorry I don't have any proper photos now, sorry to disappoint you -_-