Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A New Comer.

Hello dear friends and fellow bloggers, long long looong time no see. And I'm really sorry that I've been abandoning this blog since, uhm, almost three month you can say *sweatdropped*. Well, I have a new live to adapt with. Welcome college student! No more tight school schedules, no more uniforms, no more High School and I'm starting to miss it. I miss Cendana. Who wouldnt miss this institute if you were there for.. 12 years!

Back to the topic then. I must say adjusting myself with this super metropolitan city is hard. Especially with pollutions; air pollution, sound pollution, even light pollution. Heavy smokers everywhere. I could recall my time in Pekanbaru that I haver never had any problem with nosebleed, but here, I have already got nosebleeds twice. I've never had pimples this much in Pekanbaru when they couldn't stop bothering my face here in Jakarta. Seriously, this city needs serious treatment. *sigh*

Also, it's hard to find economically clean food here, which had brought me to hospital due to intestine infection. Lying there for a week surely wasn't a pleasant memory for me, not only because I had to suffer there alone (for a day only tho, my dad went straight to Jakarta after I told him, my mom and my sist came a day after :D ), but also I missed my lectures in College (wait, isn't this a pleasant memory? lol). Oh dear Jeckardah.

Being an outsider, with my local accent and language are still freshly lingering in my head, has made me a weird girl lol. Some of my new friends here even tried to imitate my accent, which is weird for me to hear them talking with that accent because yeah, It just doesn't suit them.

And the most important thing about being a new comer is, discovering new places! Seriously, in less than 2 months I have gone to every places. I'm doing it all by my self and I love travelling alone. I mean, if you aren't bringing any companions, you don't have to ask them where to go, just go with the flow. You don't have to worry if they're bored or hungry or whatever. Just yourself. I only invited my friends if I wanted to.

By the way, I just purchased myself a Mini Diana! w00t! At last, man. I've been admiring this since it was first published and finally I could buy it now. Too bad they aren't selling this with the flash tho. Can't wait for the first roll omg I'm getting excited! (nah, that's too much) lol.

Haven't seen my photographs since ages? prepare for this! :D
Stasiun Jakarta Kota

*I know, I know. this is such a boring post and you might find it confusing to read. My writing skill is rusty:| My Grammar? Oh God this post may have grammar error so laamee.
*And don't friggin forget to feed this with comments! ha-ha jk, you're free to do or not to do it :D

Monday, August 16, 2010

New Perspective

This is my nth attempts to write a new post just so you know. I am stuck, I don't know what to write. But it's not like I'm losing my interest in writing--oh well if I had one. Sometime the sudden urge to type words in this dear blog eagers me to write a new post. But in the middle of my writing I suddenly feel lost-lost in my vocabs and inspirations. *exhale*

Enough blabbering, How are you guys? How's your life so far? eh, me? If you say so, I'll gladly share my stories to you! *flattering myself* *cough* well, I'm fine, fine enough to spend my time slacking around without any inspirations. No recent shots, drawings, just slacking around.

I have moved to Jakarta to (desperately) continue my studies in Trisakti University, since I wasn't accepted in Universities I want, ITB.

"It was a missed opportunity, but there will always be a next time." - Virender Sehwag
Yes, next time. There will always be next time. I'm going to try again to pursue my dream in ITB, since I am so--What? Selfish? Simple minded? I don't know, It's just that I'm really serious when I said that I want to study in ITB. I don't care if people say, "you'll waste your age, your life." It's fine, right? I mean, It's worth it. To spend your time--your age to study, to learn. (IMHO) But I'll only try once more. If I am not accepted again, then I'm sure that God wants me to finish my degrees in Trisakti.

Trivial section!

I lost my phone once. Have I told you that? I lost my phone in one of Bandung public transportation, angkot, if I'm not mistaken, It was only three days after I moved there. I was terribly sad, of course! A lot of contacts stored there and precious memories three years in High School, just vanished. *sobs* When I first lost my cellphone, I dialed it to death with my friend's cellphone. No response, rejected, and inactivated. It's gone. I got the replacement though, 2 months later, a Blackberry. It's really convenient, isn't it? (norak mode: on) LOL

I still don't have any chance for some photo shoots, I'm really craving for it. I only took some useless craps of my self. I need a model, by any chance!

Recently, I suddenly have become an anime freak. Downloading it all like there's no tomorrow. That was the first time I knew La Corda D'oro. And because of that, I really want to learn violin oh my God. You can say that I'm a really easy-influenced person. But it's been a month since i knew that anime and I still have that desire. A new record. I really wish I would be able to buy a violin and get a proper lesson.

My second roll of Octopus is finished. But I still didn't have any chance to bring it to the scan lab, not to mention that I forgot my Flash disk. So, soon it will be!

Our long awaited high school year book's finally done! I'm really glad that our work is now presentable to everyone, after those secret-dirty-complicated situations between us (committee), the studio, and err--one-of-a-kind school official. *slaps in face*

About the post title, well it's just one of Panic at the Disco song title, since I don't have any idea about what should it be anyway. If you (accidentally) found any correlation between them or not, so let them be! *smirk*

What else could it be? So I guess it's the end of my post. Sorry for posting without any pictures, you know that I desperately want to. Sorry for any grammar mistakes :D

Care to share what's on your mind? Just drop some comments below, thanks and Ciao!
Happy Fasting everyone!

Friday, June 4, 2010


Frustrating. That word fits me, my condition. Why? Since I failed on my first ITB entrance exam, I was depressed. I was like, "OMFG, why the hell this shit happened to me?" or "Oh my, why those people are lucky but I'm not?" I hated my self even more. I kept on questioning myself, "am I that stupid?" Well, whatever, I had to continue my life. I packed my suitcase and went to Bandung because I heard that some of Cendana's student who didnt past the first test last year studied in a "Bimbingan Belajar" called Sony Su*gema College, then they passed the second test. Wanting to try my luck again, so I signed in there.

First days in Bandung really gave different atmosphere. Nice breeze, which I like the most (unlike in Pekanbaru). That was the first time I fell head over heels with Bandung. Wow I really love Bandung! The most exciting part is, I have my own place, a small "studio apartment" to live in. I have my own everything! It was weird at the first time. I feel scared but excited, silly but glad.

Continuing the main topic (well I am too excited to tell you guys about my first time being a "Studio apartment people" -whadda strange name -_-), I kept on studying every time. Replaying and improving my basic math lessons, Praying to God, etc etc. I also met new friends! Bandung people sure are friendly and nice.

It's been a month since I moved to Bandung, time really goes fast. I have had my second yet last chance to enter ITB. Yes, the Second Entrance exam of ITB. I've done my best. Now all I need to do is keep on praying. ITB will announce the result on June 10th. It really is frustrating for me waiting for the result. Frustrating. Frustrating. God please give me what I've been wanting for years, STEI ITB. Amin.


It's time for the pictures' time! By the way, I bought a new Toy camera, at last! I really want the Lomos, but my wallet can't afford it. (Next time, Vebry) So, Welcome Yellow Octopus!

and here is my first roll scanlations. What do ya think? ;)

Dreams in My Sleep

have a nice day, all!

I dont know the exact phrase of "Bimbingan Belajar". Well, it's a place where we reviewed our lesson at school, but it isnt same as a regular course, by the way. Im sorry!
STEI ITB stands for Sekolah Tinggi Elektro dan Informatica, or known in English as School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics.
Again, sorry for my bad English (in case i made a mistake in grammar or somthin) Pardon me, I'm still a learnie :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

If You Need Me, I'll Be Around Here


Im sorry for not updating my blog lately. It feels like my head and brain are on hibernate mode, I even couldnt find myself learning for the Universities entrance exam. So what's up eveyone? Do you miss me? ;p

So, I think I have to post something here. But I'm sorry again if it turns out very lousy and boring. But, in case you're interested, here's a little bit of what happened.
  • Pekanbaru is getting hotter and hotter. My suggestion you should take bath four times in a day.
  • I failed on Bandung Institute of Technology first Entrance exam. It made me cry.
  • I packed my suitcase, and here I am now, at Bandung.
  • I am on Bandung because I have to study for the next ITB entrance exam. I'll study harder for this!
  • I cut my hair again, finally.
  • Cendana Senior High School students are now officially graduated from school. We are all passed the National examination, Thank God!
  • I live at a nice and small studio apartment.
  • I always bring my camera whenever I go out, but none of pictures are taken.
  • it's 11 am and I haven't took a bath yet.
  • I think my grammar sucks.

If you see that, you can conclude that my life's not interesting at all, yet gloomy. But I really-really hope all of these gloomy times would bring goodness in the future. Like they say, " Bersakit-sakit dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian." if it's hurt at first, then it'll be worth it in the future.

By the way, I'm still intending to post some photos now. My blog is lack of color I guess. So here are the latest photos in my camera...

DSC_1716 DSC_1925
DSC_1763 DSC_1750

See you on the next post!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Self Relieve

Really, it sure fells good whenever you get your creativity back. I'm not that creative but knowing that I have done something to refresh my brain, which is going to explode soon, makes me good. Life's been hectic this month. Geez! One thing that I've been doing this month ( still continues btw ) is CIRCLING THE LJK (Lembar Jawaban Komputer or Computer-based answer sheet). Can you imagine how kewl is that?

Well back to the topic, yesterday I just drew two 'serious' sketches; first is some kind of land with several oaks, and the second one is, it's rather special, because it's my role model's portrait sketch! Yes, she's Cassandra Niki!

zoom, baby, zoom!

source [here]

I drew this sketch as a gratitude for her sending me a copy of her newest and very first novel, "Letters, Stories and Dreams". Me really glad to received your awesome novel, Thank you again!
What do you think about the portrait? Does it look alike with the original photo? I got some troubles at her lips, but I think it's okay.

Another things; last week I had had the National Examination! I did go well, I hope all of the Cendana Senior Hi students pass it! Amin! Oh and also, please pray for me so I pass Bandung Institute of Technology's entrance test. I really wish that I can get in :(

Everyone, thank you for reading my oh-not-so blog until now! I really appreciate it! Don't forget to comment also, Ciao!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Letters, Stories and Dreams by Cassandra Niki

If you are one of those bloggers out there, you should have known Cassandra Niki. A genius photographer who turns out to be a writer had launched her very first book! Introducing; Letters, Stories, and Dreams.

This novel contains many stories and life experiences packaged in an interesting and youthful book. The use of language and also the storyline are very easy to understand even if you're not her blog reader. Even we, her loyal readers, will know more details about the things that she had written on her blog.

So, what is the point of this novel? Of course, the dilemma of youth’s love life (haha blame my language). How her life and her love life with her boyfriend Jonas is the main story of this novel. But personally I would consider this novel contains her love fight for her mate!

For me, the best part of that novel is all of them! I really mean it! I love the way Cassey arranges the storyline, her dreams, and also her love letter to Jonas; to start and to end their relationship. If some people say “letter is so last year”, I bet they won’t say that again after reading her sentimental letters.

The negative side would be, like, it’s still not enough! Last part of the novel is hanging and it makes me curious about the rest of it even though her novel is over. Furthermore, it took only three hours for me to finish this book. It means ... I'll be waiting for your next book, Cass!

C’mon people grab it fast! I’m expecting this book will be best seller sooner!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Hope

Hello Everyone,

it's the January, folks! After a breathtaking Semester exams which I got pretty good marks on my report book (thank God), a lousy holiday, here comes the extra-tight schedules. well, although I had nothing to do in that holiday-still, out of inspirations and creativities- but most of you surely had a good holiday, didn't you?

To end 2009 was really difficult thing to do, for me. Why? Because 2009 was just like my last Senior High school year (I hate using those past tenses about 2009, always reminds me that 2009 is only a memory). Not literally, but it's true, isn't it? This year, all of us will be busy attending universities' entrance tests. No more time for doing some dilly-dally (have I turned into an emo girl? lol).
As days and weeks keep continuing, today is middle of January already. I'm going to submit more than FIVE universities registrations this week. also I come home from school later than usual, 4pm. yeah, I'm getting busier until March, but I'll take another courses. I'm tired.

What are your 2010's resolutions? Well, although it's already late to talk about resolutions, but I'll continue.
First, I really-really-really-really want to gain more weight :( look at this freakin tiny body (nah I won't let you look at it :p) It's really disgusting! Last holiday I spent days by eating junks, but it didn't work. Is it my fate to own this tiny body? Second I'm really hoping one of my universities entrance tests passed, at least before I attend National Examination!! AMIN! Third, of course get out of that school with grades.

I think those are my current wishes. Oh! add another one! In 2010 i want to be more creative, inspired, and diligent! I hope I could write another post asap, updating my DeviantArt, not junking on Twitter ( well I couldn't, but I'm trying to reduce it-or do you mind if I continue junking?).

Could you tell me your 2010 resolutions or hopes? I'll wait :)

p.s. I'm sorry I don't have any proper photos now, sorry to disappoint you -_-