Friday, October 2, 2009

You Choose : Present or Future Happiness

Ahh.. I wish I could write about something interesting, but here I am, stuck in this intersection, between stick with these stuffs stick with dream of me and my parents. I am definitely choosing to pursue my dream, because as Mario Teguh said," we can't change our past while the past absolutely affect our present life. But we still can change our current life and of course it will affect our future." So I must prepare for my dream from now on if I want to fulfill my dream.

Beside of that, How are you? How's your holiday? I'm sure all of you should have got into your normal life activities, while my school is still having some more vacation

Also, It's been a long time since last I posted my self-potrait, too...

well everyone, my vacation is almost over, and in no time there will be a precious event, "Scholastic Award" exam, so I must prepare myself more! Off to hangout with those thicky books, See ya!

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Cassey said...

You're gorgeous, more self portraits please :3