Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Unexpecting the Unexpected

Yesterday, the announcement about Big 35 of the Scholastic Award was out. WITH MY NAME ON IT. well I was a bit too late to heard that, while my other friends who also were with me, in a Science-Technology Expo at Riau University, have heard the news and of course they had been overwhelmed by then. Me? I thought that my name wasn't listed there, joked on my Twitter page, "How about me? HAHAHA." Curios, I texted my friend. She replied me, I read it. She mentioned some names-I read it carelessly, ended with, "Don't forget to treat us."


Why did she tell me to treat her? wth? then-carefully, I read the list of names again.
I read it again. It stayed still. "Was that my name she mentioned?" In all of the sudden, I screamed. My friends who were there too, congratulating me too. Gosh I was sooo happy. (tau lah scream saya, kaya ketel berisi air mendidih ;p)

Well, knowing that I am in big 35 means I am in the safety zone. This big 35 will be divided in to five ranks; all of us will get the scholarships, different amount based on our ranks. We will be ranked by the following tests; TOEFL Test, Essay, Psychology Test, and Interview. Still long way to go, tho.
Wish me a very very good luck, dearests. Who knows that I could be the first winner? No one, but I think that's too much, a tons of geniuses in front of mee hahaha lol.

Good bye everyone! Sleep tight :)


btw; the title is taken from my friend's opinion when he heard same news as me, I love those words. Thx Buddy :)
All of the big 35 from our school,Cendana Rumbai, were all from my class. Eleven Students. What a genius of us. But the Major students that were chosen were from Cendana Duri High. They are super.

gonna update soon with the photos (maybe)


patrice said...

ah,i see, i know how it feels..
i was about to cry when Ichy and Andrey (here's a good example of unexpecting the unexpected) got the message. Dear! So relieved to know that my name's in it too.. Geez, and good luck for the coming tests.

vebryadayadaaa said...

yes! I heard from Feby that you were praying like crazy, haha
Well I guess we have a good luck, got into 35

I C H A said...

congrat veb, wow.
sma8 only fadhila from 10 students *mmh if i'm not mistaken* can passed it .
hahaha :))
so the scholarship depends on the result of the second test ?
help you by pray for you peeeb :)

vebryadayadaaa said...

13 Ca, from Pekanbaru
actually, the amount of scholarships and how long it would be given to us.
also there are 2 tests, TOEFL and Psikotes