Friday, September 11, 2009


Hello everybodeeeehh :D

It's been though lately. With the exams, try outs, assignments are absolutely filling in my agenda,I'm starting to give up about my school life, especially I'm a science student XO. Well, how does it feel to be a university student? Ahh.. I can't hardly wait to be one of them.

Talking about that distress itself, I had recovered that once, with photosession!! Taking someone's picture is a big relief to me, especially if I made it great :) I love being a photographer but as well, I loved being captured too! Here are a bunch of my photographs, enjoy it, fellas!

Model : Herfina Edward, Jessica Jane, Feby Velicia
MUA : themselves
Location(s) : Rumbai Camp Environtment; Savanna near Damar Complex, Enau Complex Environtment, Wisma Bukit.
They are so great in their outfits, glad having beautiful friends :)

Now, I have some confusions disturbing my life. I really want to buy a new lens, it's between wide lens, fisheye lens or macro lens. I had asked my friends, most of them said macro but my role mode, Sist Cassey said I should buy wide lens :bingung: but seeing my pocket, I couldn't buy all lenses that I want.
Oh one more, Knowing that I'm an easily influenced person, so, seeing someone's deviation about digital text art which is so damn good, I want to buy a TABLET!! And unfortunately, It'll cost more money to buy that. :saving: :saving: :saving: :(

I grow my hair a bit longer now, Tee-Hee! :O It's my first time to do that, so let's wait either I can grow my hair more longer or I cut it off
Good bye, readers! Hope I'll still have more time to do another blogposting :*

*self promotion on deviantart :)

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