Friday, September 11, 2009


Hello everybodeeeehh :D

It's been though lately. With the exams, try outs, assignments are absolutely filling in my agenda,I'm starting to give up about my school life, especially I'm a science student XO. Well, how does it feel to be a university student? Ahh.. I can't hardly wait to be one of them.

Talking about that distress itself, I had recovered that once, with photosession!! Taking someone's picture is a big relief to me, especially if I made it great :) I love being a photographer but as well, I loved being captured too! Here are a bunch of my photographs, enjoy it, fellas!

Model : Herfina Edward, Jessica Jane, Feby Velicia
MUA : themselves
Location(s) : Rumbai Camp Environtment; Savanna near Damar Complex, Enau Complex Environtment, Wisma Bukit.
They are so great in their outfits, glad having beautiful friends :)

Now, I have some confusions disturbing my life. I really want to buy a new lens, it's between wide lens, fisheye lens or macro lens. I had asked my friends, most of them said macro but my role mode, Sist Cassey said I should buy wide lens :bingung: but seeing my pocket, I couldn't buy all lenses that I want.
Oh one more, Knowing that I'm an easily influenced person, so, seeing someone's deviation about digital text art which is so damn good, I want to buy a TABLET!! And unfortunately, It'll cost more money to buy that. :saving: :saving: :saving: :(

I grow my hair a bit longer now, Tee-Hee! :O It's my first time to do that, so let's wait either I can grow my hair more longer or I cut it off
Good bye, readers! Hope I'll still have more time to do another blogposting :*

*self promotion on deviantart :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

totally uncreative mode on

Oh My God I'm losing some productivities, lack of it. my days seem so boring yet exhausting so i've been doing nothing baik dari dA-submitting or blogposting. Urg I feel totally uncreative! I just spent my days playing facebook games and twittering nah you can follow me here [link]

I don't know, let's see how it'll progress in these few days, i'm going to have some photo shoot later on ckckc

byeee some muachos from me :*