Wednesday, August 5, 2009


It's been a long time since my last post and also it's been long time since i breathe fresh air. Yeah, my province, Riau is finally layered with smoke again. It's just like an annual event for us who lived in Riau, especially Pekanbaru. Here we are, suffering from respirational disease. Now, since i rode to school, I have to wear masker everyday. Pekanbaru is nearly like hell! It is used to be hot, but with this smoke, it becomes hotter plus, light off in Pekanbaru.. AGGHH fuck that PLN!!

yeah whatever it is, i have started my life as a senior year in high school. you might thing that's fun or just plain ordinary, but it isn't for us. Now, our everyday topic is "what will happen in my future?" Geez.. It's not like when I was in the first and second year when we talked about fashion, boys etc. But then, hfff... I think that i want to retire from school huuuh

well since this is my first post after vacation, i had filled my vacation days with making accesories with hama beads. I love doing that and it still continues :) A lot of my friend bought my handmade which is taste so good aww! Besides that, I drew some sketches using my friends tablet pc, and I want to buy that kind of tablet pc (-3-) Next thing I had done is, finally, having a photosession! Yay! Well actually I just helped my friend, A VERY TALENTED SINGER AND(sooner to-be) NEW RISING STAR from rumbai, Jessica Jane, to finished her portofolio (for her first debut, duet with kerispatih by taking a close up photo and ended doing a photosession with her :)

Jessica Jane

well that's all for today, see yaa later folks :))