Monday, June 1, 2009

Oh Dear..

Oh Dear..


how are you doing guys?? i'm sure you're doing good, especially those who are in 9 and 12 grade. holiday, isn't it?? so tell me what are you guys doing during holidays? it would be nice hearing those from you :)

beuh! but for me (us), dooms days are coming! time flies extremely fast, we're going to be twelve graders which means senior and last year which means National Exam which means SNMPTN (seleksi nasional masuk perguruan tinggi negeri) which means University arg too many 'which means'!!

the semester examination will be held at June 11th (of course in my school), six days. the funny fact is the test will be held for about 2 weeks more but school had announced the schedules a month earlier :D the announcement posted at our announcement boards (a month ago) but now they are gone. (it must be the boys). what does it mean? i don't expect a change because i've made a doodle about the schedule,


last friday 5 of my friends whose birthday are in May, did treat us all member of science one, my lovely class. what a day, what a Blast! they treated us in CS mall (mau dimana lgi kalo bkan di Cendana Square err Ciputra Seraya Mall tongkrongan oke buat anak cendana). ate at PH, Studio Photo, and lotta hang out.

happy birthday to dedek,billy,amie,erid and yogi :D enjoy our presents :D
anak kampung!

err, i'm starting to think my class is the most 'narsis' class in Cendana

okay we are in the senior year now, so after the exam we would be worried about UN and UAS and SNMPTN oooo hell noooo!
these are my wish lists (to-do lists for exact) permanently in this study year (TA2009/2010):
1. okay, firstly i shall leave 11th grade with good grades- i have to be in big ten or big five (hey i'm in the special class, it's hard to expect more than that) remembering that my grades fell of from the highest cliff last year.
2. join scholastic award and get one place, but it has not to be the first, but scholarship would be nice.
3. pass the national exam (UN) and final school exam (UAS). OMG our examination score standard is raising like an elevator(?) . in 2010 the standard will raise maybe from 0,25-0,50 (range 5,75 or 6 ) 6? yes 6!! $@*&$@$^!!! what the heck is the education department thinking? raising our passing grade higher and higher every year. if this year's passing grade would be 6, i wonder how about 5 years later. above 7?? this is must be some kind of INDONESIA's education's madness.
4. get into ITB (amiiienn!!!)
5. get into my most favourite faculty, ARCHITECTURE!!! or IT!!!
6. stop being a lazy ass
7. stop being a lazy ass
(9. additional; gain more and more weight hahaha)

this is serious. no time for leyeh-leyeh (nap) and "you have to finish your assignments ASAP" instead of "it'll be okay by tomorrow then"
well i have to work extremely hard to achieve those. stop being a lazy ass, start to read all of those thick science books-math,physics,bio,chemistry and ALWAYS review the material. there is no time to having fun a lot!

come to mama

oh one more! in my previous post, i told you that i still confused to join study tour but now i'm really sure i want to join! Jakarta Bandung, here we come!!

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