Wednesday, June 17, 2009


okaaaaaay everybody i've finished ALL of my exam here and i want to share a little bit how it progressed

first day, Mathematics and Civil Study. Oh what a terrible combination it was!
For Math, we got the examples and sure it worked! Thank you Mrs Er :D
For CS, urggh! I hate her! Too much to memorized, unpredictable questions, whatsoever! fortunately i've done pretty well, let's see how it goes.

Second day, Japanese and Chemistry, not bad for me, but for a lot of people else Japanese and Chemistry sucks!
Japanese. Basically, i could handle this. I like to study about Language, especially Japanese. Japanese is a unique language just like Koreans (what do we call that?). But my other friends, found that Japanese is not important, they don't follow the lessons properly and there they were, craving for some kindness from me and anybody else, so i sent them keys for the exam, of course, a bit tricky of me, you should read before you copied it all hihi.
Chemistry, Alamaaak! it was so difficult especially when it were Ksp (Konstanta Solubility of Product). Damn! Mrs Riri Made a good job in difficulties!

Third Day, Religion(?) and English uggh-O-yes!
Of course when it is Islam, too much too memorized, oh the exam was just like a piece of crap, hell difficult! I did "Tebak Jenggo" and some talks and cheated to finished it. But for Christian and Catholic, they just composed the essay answers, logically chose the objectives, and done! hmm Jealousy.
English, I love English! Just easy questions and was the first to got out of the class. I'm not cocky but i'm pretty confident with my answers. Hopefully i do great with the score.

4th day, Indonesian and History
hmm I don't want to comment anything. Seemed like nothing special. -___-;

5th day, PHYSICS!!
Just one subject, but it scared all of the science students either me!! Fuck, I terrified when i couldn't remember the Energy Kinetic's formula and it was in two numbers!!!! Desperately i just wrote the data and left a blank. Social students kinda made me jealous, they took Geography exam, left the class first. One thing is,"There's no much time to do all, Idiot!" After time was over, every Science student that I met cursed the questions either the teacher. Babi (pig), Anjing (dog), other animal they yelled and the most dirtiest word, ****ek!

Last day, Biology and IT.
Biology was not too hard, because Mrs Ade gave us the information about the questions, all of them. So we could focus and remembered more. :D
IT, I studied and I did it as well as I can. I hope I'll get the good grade.


About our exam, i'm sad. Why? Because almost all of us cheated. With cellphone, micros, and asked directly to the others. And I did it :( but i didn't use cellphone that's too awful for me. Some of us got busted cheating by the teacher but they seemed had no worry with that. How can our education system survive?
As a part of the cheaters, I believe i can change. But how are the others, the addicted ones? They just hoping without doing anything. Just wait for the other's anwers. What do you think about that? Do you cheat in school? Tell me about your experience, haha lol!

-Study tour is on the way to come, and hardly i can't wait for more longer time. Oh I need an emergency vacation!! Freedom here I come!!
-I hope my grades are good, I want to be in the top ten! Some of the results have out, and I pass in Mathematics, Chemistry and Japanese. Thank God! but i still don't know what are the exact scores. And others!
-i'm sorry for my bad language including insults for our teachers
-No picture for now :p


Cassey said...

Oh really, i miss being a high school student. And oh yes, i cheat a lot. Even now in college hahahaha.

vebryadayadaaa said...

yes you must! High school rocks!
sama dong kalo gitu ,Kak :D