Wednesday, May 27, 2009


after the second semester's final examination in June, our school is going to hold a school's study tour to Bandung and Jakarta. since we are villagers (haha) alias alay (bahaha) our school is very excited (okay it's not) because the participants is only (until now) less than fifty pupils in a total of 35 x 7 = 245 . (krik-krik) and i am the one who still confused whether i'll join or not. i'm thinking about great moments to grab with her. i'm totally bored with rumbai nowadays, and have no time to go outside rumbai for another photo sessions and i think this is the good time to explore Bandung and Jakarta. Oyeah the other reason that still make me confused is my mom with her friends are going to take a holiday to Lombok. Maybe in their schedule they will detour to Jakarta, Jogjakarta, aaaand… BALI!! OMG it’s a big deal to refuse to join theirs. But I also think spending vacation time with friends would be totally cool with no parents’ guide (except teachers -__-‘) but if I join mom I won’t have any problems with money

in my house there are new arrival err i mean newly births!! i still don't know what should i name them. do you have any suggestions??

sexy pose of her(or him?)
i still have much ass. that i've not finished yet
1) my art and craft projects. the assignments are making monochrome and analogue colours. old stuff, i had done this at junior high school. but now the difference is, my boredom syndrome are attacking me, procrastinating me (-___-'')

before i glued them. pretty clean i think.

but after i glued them..

Ta-Dah! it became messy! o my gosh maybe i'm good at art, but obviously i'm not good at craft hahahaha soo yeah you can see, this shit may get C in grade ahaha(i'm dead.)

you can click to enlarge (maybe)

oh one more! i have one more assignment, making Batik's motives. i'm still doing it, the sketch is with my teacher right now. still fine.

2) IT assignment making my own web. beeuhh.. i'm lazy to do this. no other comments.
3) biology ass. making posters. i haven't even touch this yet. at all.
4) also some others that i don't even remember (o0o)

ugh maybe that's all for now
to lazyy...
how can i change this bad habbit?

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