Thursday, May 7, 2009

hari yang sedikit sial

hello folks :D
new day, new post
actually i have an event to share, abot gsc again, but it seems like just so ordinary event. we sang in a event named " Prasidina ", when school gives it's students to their parents. last event for every senior year student with school. soo, to appreciate that, we've been invited to sang bunch of song; Indonesia Raya, Mars Cendana, Hymne Cendana, and other 7 'goodbye' songs. the fact is : we have to sing all of these songs for about an hour less (!)

soo that's my past experience. i'm happy to joined gsc in fact that i joined gsc in lastest time. :D

oyaa how are you guys?
i'm sure you guys are fine (but not your eyes seeing your desktop screen, lmao)

talk about my title, a little unlucky day, it's about
when i borrowed my friend,wita,'s cellphone, a handphone with extra facilities which our school strict with that, my another friend borrowed that from me and just until that, the cellphone was taken by teacher. ah poor him
when i lost my motorcycle key! i've been all around the school which is so tiring bcause the school is hell big and wide, in fact that the keys had been found and placed in teacher's meeting room. bhahaha

but now i'm happy because i just got new dslr and pocket cam in certain time!

more at deviantart
well se yaa soon


bey said...

the second photo is so lovely!

vebryadayadaaa said...

thank you :D