Saturday, May 9, 2009

blogbuds, heyhoo

it's been a while since my last post but really i don't have any particular things to say but my bonny fingers want to dance. today is a holiday and i feel totally bored now :[ . me sure want to hang out with Nikki (she is my new dslr, i named her Nikki lol) and grab some shots but here i am, stuck in this house and done nothing really important.
umm because i don't have anything in my mind, i'll share some photos

these are the prasidina event's photos

look what we got for dinner, a delivered medium sized Pizza :) but i don't like this one. this one for my sist.

also my photogs, haha keep your narcissism alive pals!

a conversation with Nikki hahaha :D

this my school! this will be in my side bar
sekolahku hutanku, well this is an old photo, today my school isn't as forestful as before.
look how creepy that school is. apparently at night is creepier. ghosts haunted that school. start from KinderGarten, Elementary School, Junior High School also creepy because they are surrounded by trees-forests. aww!

well, what else should i talk?? nothing comes to my mind up until now
(thinking mode : ON)

i had no idea to share now. if you mind please excuse me because i had to go to my own wonderland to search something to talk to you (ceilah)
byeee ^^*


Atika Mulyawati said...

waaaa itu beneran sekolahnya ya? pasti seru deh, banyak objek foto :D

vebryadayadaaa said...

haha iya
emg asik kalo fto2 disana
yah complex chevron emg dklilingi bnyak hutannya
serem lho kalo malam2