Wednesday, May 27, 2009


after the second semester's final examination in June, our school is going to hold a school's study tour to Bandung and Jakarta. since we are villagers (haha) alias alay (bahaha) our school is very excited (okay it's not) because the participants is only (until now) less than fifty pupils in a total of 35 x 7 = 245 . (krik-krik) and i am the one who still confused whether i'll join or not. i'm thinking about great moments to grab with her. i'm totally bored with rumbai nowadays, and have no time to go outside rumbai for another photo sessions and i think this is the good time to explore Bandung and Jakarta. Oyeah the other reason that still make me confused is my mom with her friends are going to take a holiday to Lombok. Maybe in their schedule they will detour to Jakarta, Jogjakarta, aaaand… BALI!! OMG it’s a big deal to refuse to join theirs. But I also think spending vacation time with friends would be totally cool with no parents’ guide (except teachers -__-‘) but if I join mom I won’t have any problems with money

in my house there are new arrival err i mean newly births!! i still don't know what should i name them. do you have any suggestions??

sexy pose of her(or him?)
i still have much ass. that i've not finished yet
1) my art and craft projects. the assignments are making monochrome and analogue colours. old stuff, i had done this at junior high school. but now the difference is, my boredom syndrome are attacking me, procrastinating me (-___-'')

before i glued them. pretty clean i think.

but after i glued them..

Ta-Dah! it became messy! o my gosh maybe i'm good at art, but obviously i'm not good at craft hahahaha soo yeah you can see, this shit may get C in grade ahaha(i'm dead.)

you can click to enlarge (maybe)

oh one more! i have one more assignment, making Batik's motives. i'm still doing it, the sketch is with my teacher right now. still fine.

2) IT assignment making my own web. beeuhh.. i'm lazy to do this. no other comments.
3) biology ass. making posters. i haven't even touch this yet. at all.
4) also some others that i don't even remember (o0o)

ugh maybe that's all for now
to lazyy...
how can i change this bad habbit?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

pieces from these days

what's up evry one? hm hm this time i went to mall at night. i wouldn't miss that moment and shot a lot about light and light! you can use it for free but remember to credit me haha oh you can tell me also if you use it so i can appreciate it

yesterday i went to 21 to watch x-men with my mom, have you watch it? the film was just amazing, cool stunts, epic line. i'm sure all of you had watched it so i won't write here the synopsis--


have you ever being for someone worse than you by your own bestfriend? they said,"we are bestfriends forever" and now suddenly they left you to catch up with those spitsucker(penjilat ludah sendiri) biatches.they don't realize that they were being uncool to me but never mind about it I’ve never getting trouble because I hang out a lot and made a lot of friends and i still have another besties with me also jokey boys around me. ahh i love my class, we've been hooked for 2 years and one more years to come! ahaha it's weird, huh, 3 years (2,5 years for exact) in same class? yeah i'm not joking in this high school, school is holding a program to make it's school become international based school, we are piloting class, selected by special test and i got into that class. unfortunately someone i expected from long ago didn't join this class, huhu. go eleven science one!!

one of my jokey boys is having a birthday. so all of the classmates punked him. since mobile phones are banned in our school (with this characteristic; no camera, no bluetooth, no external memory, and blah baaah blah), so this morning there was a mobile phone's examination(razia), he, named ridwan aka erid, was captured for having a cellphone in his bag-of course he said he wasn't own it. then that cellphone was taken. he was so anxious about that.
netx when we changed our school subject, my (wali kelas) came and made serious face. she was talking about the contents of that phone is extremely stricted and decided to call his mother-- after an hour waiting, his mom didn't come so the school decided to expelled him! wahaha. he shocked!and in the all of the sudden..
happy birthdaaay!!!

the class gone crazy for him with eggs and flour


my older sist, her friend and i went to chevron camp for snap shots. we took golf yard as the place, clicks! but when we kept going with the shots, suddenly the golfers that a mile away from us shouted at us
golfers : OI!
me : ( what are they doing? ) kept narcissing
golfers : OOII!!
me : ( did they just shout at us?? ) yet kept narcissing
golfers : OOOOOOOYYY!!
me : "they are barking at us!" started to run away
three of us run away quickly. when we were at the gate out, we continued narcissing! after that, i gave them my best middle fingers to them (FUCK YOU! dasar oom2 ga jelas!)


last week my mom was having a vacation with her friends to West Sumatra and they got to Sikuai Beach! a still virgin beach as beautiful as Kuta,and now i'm really jealous of her! now, picture talks. a lot.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

blogbuds, heyhoo

it's been a while since my last post but really i don't have any particular things to say but my bonny fingers want to dance. today is a holiday and i feel totally bored now :[ . me sure want to hang out with Nikki (she is my new dslr, i named her Nikki lol) and grab some shots but here i am, stuck in this house and done nothing really important.
umm because i don't have anything in my mind, i'll share some photos

these are the prasidina event's photos

look what we got for dinner, a delivered medium sized Pizza :) but i don't like this one. this one for my sist.

also my photogs, haha keep your narcissism alive pals!

a conversation with Nikki hahaha :D

this my school! this will be in my side bar
sekolahku hutanku, well this is an old photo, today my school isn't as forestful as before.
look how creepy that school is. apparently at night is creepier. ghosts haunted that school. start from KinderGarten, Elementary School, Junior High School also creepy because they are surrounded by trees-forests. aww!

well, what else should i talk?? nothing comes to my mind up until now
(thinking mode : ON)

i had no idea to share now. if you mind please excuse me because i had to go to my own wonderland to search something to talk to you (ceilah)
byeee ^^*

Thursday, May 7, 2009

hari yang sedikit sial

hello folks :D
new day, new post
actually i have an event to share, abot gsc again, but it seems like just so ordinary event. we sang in a event named " Prasidina ", when school gives it's students to their parents. last event for every senior year student with school. soo, to appreciate that, we've been invited to sang bunch of song; Indonesia Raya, Mars Cendana, Hymne Cendana, and other 7 'goodbye' songs. the fact is : we have to sing all of these songs for about an hour less (!)

soo that's my past experience. i'm happy to joined gsc in fact that i joined gsc in lastest time. :D

oyaa how are you guys?
i'm sure you guys are fine (but not your eyes seeing your desktop screen, lmao)

talk about my title, a little unlucky day, it's about
when i borrowed my friend,wita,'s cellphone, a handphone with extra facilities which our school strict with that, my another friend borrowed that from me and just until that, the cellphone was taken by teacher. ah poor him
when i lost my motorcycle key! i've been all around the school which is so tiring bcause the school is hell big and wide, in fact that the keys had been found and placed in teacher's meeting room. bhahaha

but now i'm happy because i just got new dslr and pocket cam in certain time!

more at deviantart
well se yaa soon

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

have you ever been abandoned?
yes, i am, right now.
i think this is my lowest position on a cycle.