Saturday, April 4, 2009

flying high

hello dear readersss
sucha long time since my latest post. yeah i was so busy last month and it still continues. march and april is about my mid semester tests-lotsa test. usually, like ordinary indonesian schools, we used to do tests in organized time, one week only for all of the school subjects but now my school is holding a midtest just like a per-lesson tests, just like doing day by day school. o my gosh, with the teachers' tasks keep filling in my agenda, we must study for mid exams! and the worst, while this mid test, i keep playing the sims2! ahaha wtf

i've been called to rejoin choir again! waaah it's been a long time since i quit choir. and as usual, i fill the alto part, but neither the official choir nor me had make the final decision. i'm still not sure to join.
so wish me luck for my test!

just now there was a stray calls from same number i think by hearing the voice and it's a girl.
hahaha screw you!

i'm posting some links!


Patrice said...

hey sexy, hehe. Echo! kau ni maksa2 aku buat ngasih komen. :D ada foto aku veb.. asiiiiiikkk.. aku jadi seleb di blog vebry. hmm, tulis lebih banyak lagi dong veb. tentang kelas kita.. cheers! mwah3!

vebryadayadaaa said...

bentar la yaa
lgi ngumpulin bhn sma fto
mw eng ato indo??