Monday, April 20, 2009


hello readers

it's been such a tough vacation days. actually it's still in the middle of UAN UAS tests for high school. i feel sooo lazy but still, there are many calls for me, doing art projects which is kinda boring for me, making monochromatic and analogy colors. i like to draw and arts, but i don't like too much projects while i am busy hehe ( how will i live my next step of my life if i keep following this shit lazy feelings? )

and here i am, craving for some good vacation days. lol.

stressed out to make this

As days keep continue, I was going with my team, choir team, to follow a choir contest in Taman Budaya Pekanbaru. This is my first time singing in choir since Jr High school and let me introduce my team.

Soprano: Jessica, Fina, Feby, Rani, Puty, Asha, Mayang, Tari

Alto: me, Ami, Febe, Mega

Tenor: Fadhil, Fajri, Randa

Bass: Yogi, Kukuh, Mpik, Kiki, Rino

Conductor: Biba

Last year we won this competition and we were trying to sing better than last year. Please feel free to wish us a good luck in next Tuesday :p to achieve that, we practiced hard every day till our throat were dying. I remember that when we practiced too hard, it was Saturday I mean, when we sang one of our song our voices were unstable, bad pitchy, and false. Lower by a half or even higher. Hahaha. I’m still laughing of remembering that events. It made our teacher and/or coach upset. (sorry sir) he kept giving us advice but it all screwed up. I hope this silly thing doesn’t come when it comes to the contest day.

don't pose on the road,please!

the contest will be held by tomorrow umm i think we're ready for it. power, dynamic and blahblahs. soo, i'm hoping you to wish us a BIG LUCK tomorrow

thanx for reading. see ya then :D

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