Wednesday, April 29, 2009

GSC.. BISA TUU (contest)

well, nice to see you again! continuing my last post about choir, we only got 4th! biatches!! we think that we deserved more than that. damn them!
umm i'll tell you my choir competition day.
i got to my school at 10 am. we practiced in music room at shool until 2.30pm. oh we wore special outfit of course. white shirt with blue vest, blue skirt/trousers and pantoufel(?) and formal shoes(for boys), ate lunch 'nasi ramas' together in school corridor. well some of us (mostly boys including me) rode motorcycle, and others drove. there were 5 cars including Mr jeki's. so we separated to 'nebeng'. we got there at 3 pm, the contest already begun. by the way, there were three categories; elementary school, jr high school and high schoo. oya klupaan! the contest was held in Taman Budaya a.k.a Culture Park.
back to the line, when we got there, it was the 13th's choir to sang. we practiced a bit.

before it started. gsc, bisa tu!!
aaaaaand it's show time!! we were soo nervous but it's okay, we kept singing. and it's perfect but when it was lancang kuning, our conductor did lead faster than usual. we sang sepasang mata bola and lancang kuning. after sang, we went for evaluation and prayed together for victory.

okay, the time has came. the judge stood at stage and began to nerved us all. the were 6 winners. and there we were. 4th. shit. we thought we can get more but the decision was final. we went out of the hall, did i mention the contest was in a hall? fluttering*sigh. full of regretion why'd the boys didn't sing louder because audience heard no voice from tenors and basses. after that, we went to mall to celebrated our 4th victory-ahahaha, wanted to do some karaoke but we were too much for a small the room in small city*lol so no karaoke that day.then we just went straight for dinner, ate and talked about mystery and ghosts! ahaha what a strange topic knowing that our school which we would head up to, was soo spooky, haunted, and dark, surrounded by forest.

it did impact to several buddies and also Mr Jeki!*lol. the drivers drove us the riders to school where we put our motorcycle.hmm it sure spooky enough but we did it all by together so there came the courage. arrived on school, we took our motors and had a little convoy from school till the camp's gate out. we separated by horning each other, and got into our own home.

o yaa i cut my hair last week again because i couldn't stand from pekanbaru's weather recently. it's so hot and i sweat easily. so, here comes the bob again and again because i always went well with this hairstyle


Monday, April 20, 2009


hello readers

it's been such a tough vacation days. actually it's still in the middle of UAN UAS tests for high school. i feel sooo lazy but still, there are many calls for me, doing art projects which is kinda boring for me, making monochromatic and analogy colors. i like to draw and arts, but i don't like too much projects while i am busy hehe ( how will i live my next step of my life if i keep following this shit lazy feelings? )

and here i am, craving for some good vacation days. lol.

stressed out to make this

As days keep continue, I was going with my team, choir team, to follow a choir contest in Taman Budaya Pekanbaru. This is my first time singing in choir since Jr High school and let me introduce my team.

Soprano: Jessica, Fina, Feby, Rani, Puty, Asha, Mayang, Tari

Alto: me, Ami, Febe, Mega

Tenor: Fadhil, Fajri, Randa

Bass: Yogi, Kukuh, Mpik, Kiki, Rino

Conductor: Biba

Last year we won this competition and we were trying to sing better than last year. Please feel free to wish us a good luck in next Tuesday :p to achieve that, we practiced hard every day till our throat were dying. I remember that when we practiced too hard, it was Saturday I mean, when we sang one of our song our voices were unstable, bad pitchy, and false. Lower by a half or even higher. Hahaha. I’m still laughing of remembering that events. It made our teacher and/or coach upset. (sorry sir) he kept giving us advice but it all screwed up. I hope this silly thing doesn’t come when it comes to the contest day.

don't pose on the road,please!

the contest will be held by tomorrow umm i think we're ready for it. power, dynamic and blahblahs. soo, i'm hoping you to wish us a BIG LUCK tomorrow

thanx for reading. see ya then :D

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


hello guys, it looks like this blog will be abandon for a while hihi why? because i have a lotsa things to do, even in this UAN-UAS vacation days since i was called to rejoin gsc (gita suara cendana) choir, and we are off to a competition and presidina night. worst, i should remember 10 songs, alto pulak, which is different vocal type from original song

well jamata! good bye! Au revoir! sampai jumpa in my next post!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

fan art

kitamura kou (crossgame)

midori (midori no hibi)

yotsuba (yotsubato!)

ga ad hubungan sma skali (it's not a fan art) hahaha

Saturday, April 4, 2009

when will i die??

i've changed my header again because it's been a long time

ayo ke topik
just now i took a quiz 'when will you die?' on facebook, filled the question, and then

19th october , 2008
you just have a moment!~!

hahaha!! the funny thing is, today is april 2009 (read:TWO THOUSAND AND NINE)
oh so come on! please make a logical quiz
in fact if it's the future year, i might not believe but i easily affected by suggestions so maybe i wouldn't sleep tonight LOL
only God knows

flying high

hello dear readersss
sucha long time since my latest post. yeah i was so busy last month and it still continues. march and april is about my mid semester tests-lotsa test. usually, like ordinary indonesian schools, we used to do tests in organized time, one week only for all of the school subjects but now my school is holding a midtest just like a per-lesson tests, just like doing day by day school. o my gosh, with the teachers' tasks keep filling in my agenda, we must study for mid exams! and the worst, while this mid test, i keep playing the sims2! ahaha wtf

i've been called to rejoin choir again! waaah it's been a long time since i quit choir. and as usual, i fill the alto part, but neither the official choir nor me had make the final decision. i'm still not sure to join.
so wish me luck for my test!

just now there was a stray calls from same number i think by hearing the voice and it's a girl.
hahaha screw you!

i'm posting some links!