Sunday, March 8, 2009

thursday, 5 March 2009

hello hullo hallo!!
it's been a while since my latest post. actually I barely have no time to post a new one bcoz I was busy lately. Now I want to post bcoz this is the time I only have :sok sibuk:
now, I’d like to documented my activities at Thursday, I think this was the most busiest time

well my day started when I woke up – went to school. i was participated in a Japanese’s festival (NIHON BUNKASAI 2009) at UNRI (university of Riau ). I presented my school my some of my friends : ichy, feby, tika, billy, loli, nissa, yogi, bondan, kania, limtari, stephani, sherly, and some others.

We went to UNRI at 8 am an arrived at 8.30. then we had a quiz which we got second position. And blabla.. too much to share bcoz many of them aren’t too important. At NIHON BUNKASAI, UNRI provided lotsa contests such as quiz, hiragana writing, rudoku(story telling) anime drawing, miss yukata, origami, singing and photography. Unfortunately we only won 2 contests ( singing-1st, quiz-2nd ).
ichy with her spectacular voice :D

Also a show room of Japanese thingies.

what do we call it? samisen or koto?

We spent our time there by doing nothing, sweating, and taking pictures OF COURSE ahaha lol rofl lmao.
she is Haruka Sensei, a real Japanese woman (with red pants, yeah i'm sure you can recognize it by your self)
zzz (me with greyishblack jacket)
woman in grey blazer is (maybe) spokeperson of Japanese Council
When the event ended, ichy, ufi and I rushed out. We wanted to watched DBL semifinal -cendana vs niners. So we asked the combie driver to drove faster. Thank god we arrived safely bcoz he really drove FAAAAAAAAAST. We were late, we got there when it was in the middle of 1st quarter. Not so late, we guessed. Bcoz we were late, we didn’t get strategic bench, in the corner.

The good point is we WON!! CENDANA WON! Congratulation! It was 104 – 74 ! for the details, you can read here. (Indonesian language)

Fuh-Wah! A though day for me! see ya readers on the DBL’s FINAL against SMA1 post. Glad you like it :D

Yoo-ayooo, ayo Cendanaaa
Kuingin, Kita harus MENANG


chicchan said...

you posted! ^___^
well,, looking at your photos, i think the bunkasai wasn't really that fun,, or not?
LOL,, never mind,, thx 4 sharing!
i hope i was there though =___=
btw,, what did ichy sing?

and... wow they won again O___O
congratssss!!!!! *throw confetti*

manaka is seizing the day said...

kalo gak salah
aishiteru no sign - dreams come true
sumpah bikin merinding