Thursday, March 26, 2009

i love afgaaaan XP

o my gosh afgan newest single is soooooo .... i don't know how to express it

Kali ini kusadari
Aku telah jatuh cinta
Dari hatiku terdalam
Sungguh aku cinta padamu
Cintaku bukanlah cinta biasa
Jika kamu yang memiliki
Dan kamu yang temaniku seumur hidupku
Terimalah pengakuanku
Percayalah kepadaku
Semua ini kulakukan
Karena kamu memang untukku
Cinta ku bukan cinta biasa
Jika kamu yang menemani
Dan kamu yang temaniku seumur hidupku
Terimalah pengakuanku

Sunday, March 8, 2009

thursday, 5 March 2009

hello hullo hallo!!
it's been a while since my latest post. actually I barely have no time to post a new one bcoz I was busy lately. Now I want to post bcoz this is the time I only have :sok sibuk:
now, I’d like to documented my activities at Thursday, I think this was the most busiest time

well my day started when I woke up – went to school. i was participated in a Japanese’s festival (NIHON BUNKASAI 2009) at UNRI (university of Riau ). I presented my school my some of my friends : ichy, feby, tika, billy, loli, nissa, yogi, bondan, kania, limtari, stephani, sherly, and some others.

We went to UNRI at 8 am an arrived at 8.30. then we had a quiz which we got second position. And blabla.. too much to share bcoz many of them aren’t too important. At NIHON BUNKASAI, UNRI provided lotsa contests such as quiz, hiragana writing, rudoku(story telling) anime drawing, miss yukata, origami, singing and photography. Unfortunately we only won 2 contests ( singing-1st, quiz-2nd ).
ichy with her spectacular voice :D

Also a show room of Japanese thingies.

what do we call it? samisen or koto?

We spent our time there by doing nothing, sweating, and taking pictures OF COURSE ahaha lol rofl lmao.
she is Haruka Sensei, a real Japanese woman (with red pants, yeah i'm sure you can recognize it by your self)
zzz (me with greyishblack jacket)
woman in grey blazer is (maybe) spokeperson of Japanese Council
When the event ended, ichy, ufi and I rushed out. We wanted to watched DBL semifinal -cendana vs niners. So we asked the combie driver to drove faster. Thank god we arrived safely bcoz he really drove FAAAAAAAAAST. We were late, we got there when it was in the middle of 1st quarter. Not so late, we guessed. Bcoz we were late, we didn’t get strategic bench, in the corner.

The good point is we WON!! CENDANA WON! Congratulation! It was 104 – 74 ! for the details, you can read here. (Indonesian language)

Fuh-Wah! A though day for me! see ya readers on the DBL’s FINAL against SMA1 post. Glad you like it :D

Yoo-ayooo, ayo Cendanaaa
Kuingin, Kita harus MENANG

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

well i forgot to indtroduce you to our basketball team's players, so here they are:

from left to right :

news update
yesterday (tuesday,march 3rd) our school won against 3 hi school and goes to quarterfinal
we will play against 9 hi school tomorrow (Thursday, March 5th)
wish us luck and go to semifinal!!


also, cendana is attending japanese festival in UNRI
i'll tell u readers about it in my later post

so, keep update!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

DetEksi Basketball League Rumbai 2009

Hi everyone! Awesome friends, beloved readers! I've been greaaaat! How have you been?
i fell soooo great today because our school won in a basketball league called DBL.
actually it's not the final but we had strong opponent, Saint Marie Hi School. in Pra DBL, they were our final opponent, of course we won in a dramatic last moment ( i missed it so i can't tell you how the game was-but my friends said it was so critical and dramatic, saint Marie's victory shot was not count because the time was over (0__0) )
back to the main topic, here is the ... (what?)

the classification diagram until March 1st (just boys only hehe)

in the first day of the matches and opening ceremony ( February27th ) we won against Tri Bhakti High school. easy win, i guess (54 - 14). hahaha rofl. but in the other match, saint Marie won against 1 High. we were all worried. we thought a match against saint Marie would be nice in the final like the last pra DBL. may be all of the watchers thought the same thing.

and actually, IT WAS!!

a ritual before playing

our pra DBL mvp player, kukuh (5)

when the match started, (ahh past tenses -_- ) , saint marie was the first to scored some points. our school and theirs also had some yells fights-we also brought our percussion team
"SANTA MARIA" (percussion)
"CENDANA" (percussion)
"SANTA MARIA" (percussion)
"Go Cendana Go, Fight Cendana Fight, Win Cendana Win, GO FIGHT WIN" (with percussion)

the match was getting hotter. in 1st 2nd 3rd quarters, saint marie was always leading. but our basketball team never surrender. with our never-ending yells- oh also bunch of supports from cheerleading squad. our points were tightly sticked even plenty of same scores. in quarter 4, my spirit was getting lower because we couldn't catch the points even leading. i screamed a lot. i couldn't hold my feeling. i always screamed at every shot that made.

our cheers squad
it's only 15 seconds left.
it's 33 - 32 for saint marie.
'please make cendana wins'
every cendana's supporters began to cry -of course i wasnot
i screamed a lot.
in all of the sudden..
ricky ran with the ball!
34 - 33

our hero, ricky
all of the supporters screamed, throwed something, and do other celebration things. we kept in doing this for 5 minutes after the match. after that we went out of the stadium, still yelling and screaming. then we were having a documentation section (taking picts). when we saw our basketball player came out, i'm sure they were receiving a bunch of congrats.
in the end of the day, everyone got home (of course)

p.s: CONGRATULATION, again!!!
--all of the photographs were taken by Anissa Anugrah--