Wednesday, February 18, 2009

my seventeen

well , feb16th is my birthdaaaaaaay! yay! usually i think birthday is the same day as the other day like my last birthdays, with extra presents and bunch of congrats. but this year is a little bit different bcoz i'm seventeen girl!
at first when i suddenly woke up (i don't know why) at 4.30am. i reached my cell phone and found a lot of mails in my cell. it all sent in the middle of the night. this thing makes me little excited about my birthday. "what will happen ya?"but i don't wanna hope to much becoz i don't wanna be regretful when i don't get what i want (huh).

after congrats from my family I went to school properly (hah?) with a heavy baggage including school bag (of course) and notebook for my later presentation with my friends. i arrived at school normally and heavily with my mio. Usually our school use 'moving class' system but today the tenth grades were holding a psycho test so the other classes just stay in one class until the end of the day.
i became happier when i was using wireless at school(for free of course) i found a lot of emails, fb's wall posts and fs' comments.

when i logged in Facebook
hahaha. also a lot of congrats from my school friends, cheek-to-cheek kisses (made my cheeks became hot) and.. PRESENTS!!! Whooah i love presents. Whatever people say i don't really care. bcos every human loves mystery-so basic.

i loooove my birthday, because on my birthday, i can see how much everyone cares about me. Quite silly, but having so many messages and mails really makes me realize how much cared i am :) then i exchanged birthday present with my born mate! she is chetty. Our births were happened in same day quite same time (she was at 7.50am at sunday- don't know the exact time, i was at 8.xxam at Sunday too!) at same hospital and my mom and hers were in the same room! we also like same color, green, especially green apple, we love it much.

next class time, i was finishing my history presentation with my friends. it was an empty time bcoz my teacher attended a workshop so she couldn't teach us. she went away. But suddenly she came back with my girls, feby-ilod-ichy, holding a cake with 17-sign candle and a (strange but cute) curtain. what? i was so shocked either my friend whose bday is same as me (boy). the funny thing is he is 16 years old now so the cake actually just for me hahay. but we shared. i was getting happieeeeeer x). we did a party-thing that time, taking pictures. i was touched in this moment. thank guys!
the birthday cake is coming!

we cut the cake together like a married couple haha :D
the simple yummy cake that dissappeared(eaten) in a while

they filled my mouth w/ the cake; i even couldn't swallow it normally
seventeen candle

i thought the celebration was over. "no eggs!" but it was NOT! in the end of the class, i was trying to escaped but my friends held me tightly. i struggled and screamed. but i couldn't. suddenly 'PLOK!' eggs hatched on my head, smell bad. the other one got some too, more eggs than me. haha lol

rino got a lot of eggs on his head xD

so i went home yellow with bad smell. happy!
ps. i'll post another photos soon :D

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