Saturday, February 21, 2009

dancing in the moon light

(well actually the write that i'll post has no relation with the title ;p)
i'll tell you guys readers about things i badly like and want.. in case that i have nothing else to share with you, lovely readers, i'm posting this

so here are my fave and most wanted thingies
1. Comics! These are my main aspiration. i can't live without comics by my side (lebai). Gosh! Well this time i'm sure i wanna collect crossgame and rough (mitsuru adachi's), shounen star. Well, actually i prefer shounen manga (boys comics) than shoujo manga (girls') because shoujo's are too.. umm.. girly? emotional? And also the topic always about love things . but shounen mangas talk about sports, health and many more. that's why i like shounen :]
2. tea bottle (sosro). i think i'm addicted to this tea. i'm still trying to reduce in drinking tea but.. it's hard :giggling:
3. a lot of new paintbrushes. Let me tell you that all of my beloved oil paintbrushes were lost when i decorated at royale of cendana. i was sooo terribly sad when I couldn’t find any of my brushes. I’ll buy it later when I got lil extra money.
4. a DSLR camera that my daddy promised me to buy. I’m still waiting, Dad!
5. and EXTRA money to buy thingies. I still don’t know what for, but I always thinking of extra money. LOL
6. I love green! green! green! oh gosh! Green hypnotizes me a lot!
7. Gain weight. I’m serious. I’m thin and don’t really like it. I’m still trying to gain weight as much as possible. lmao
8. get my driving license! I’m seventeen recently and I want to drive to school.
Well I think that’s enough since I don’t really have time to think of anything else. Ahahahay!
Well, see you at my next post then. I have lotsa things to do besides typing words here. Buh-Bye!

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