Sunday, April 19, 2015

Flores; Prologue

I was just chilling around and browsing for travel blogs when i started reminiscing my previous trip to Flores last Feb and i thought 'What if i actually forgot about this trip while it WAS a really unbelievable experience?' SO now here i am, looking at my last post on this blog which was way too long ago, 2012.. dang.. Sometimes i cant believe i used to write blog now i cant even form coherent sentence. But i'll try my best to recall my trip as well as.. maybe.. just maybe.. helping ppl who needs recommendation/reference.. or smt.. lmao

How have i been? I graduated from my major last September and applied to an IT consultant firm (is this even right) which i got hired straight away, leaving no time to rest, straight to the cold, white collared-adult world. I still listen to music, went to few concerts here n there and I still use my lovely mini Diana and got her two new siblings.

( penting sih veb)

Ok. So one day i got a text message from one of my friend, asking me if i was up for a trip to Nusa Tenggara Timur. I was a bit skeptical at first bcos 'Isnt it like far away', 'I dont like hiking tho' (n i still dont because of our trip to Wae Rebo which ill tell u guys about it later. ok i lied i have a love hate relationship with hiking). Plus they had purchased their plane tix in advance and going with two unfamiliar persons so that kinda turned me down a lil. So i tried to find excuses aka ngeles.

But my persistence of a friend just wouldnt stop bugging me, spamming the chat room with pics of Flores which r really beautiful btw? So i'm having a hard time considering it since i only have 12 paid leaves for a year and the trip would take 7 days. wheezes.

But in the end all of the pictures and travel stories i found on the internet made me cry internally as i replied to them with a 'yes'.

So here are the planned itineraries for the said trip.

Wed, 25 Feb
07:00 Flight to Denpasar Bali, Transit for Labuan Bajo approx 3 hrs
14:20 Flight to Labuan Bajo
17:00 Arrived at Labuan Bajo, travel by car to Denge via Ruteng. Stay for the night at the locals.
Thur, 26 Feb
00:00 Travel by foot to Wae Rebo aka hiking
04:00 Arrived at Wae Rebo (I had no idea why we had to start at wee hr in the morning.. and 4 hours hiking? im dying)
14:00 Hike down from Wae Rebo back to Denge
16:00 Travel by car to Ruteng. Stay for the night.
Fri, 27 Feb
08:00 Travel by car to Bajawa
11:00 Hike to Desa Bena
15:00 Travel by car to Moni. Stay for the night
Sat, 28 Feb
04:00 Kelimutu Summit attack 
08:00 Hike down to Moni
11:00 Travel by local bus (which is a truck btw) to Labuan Bajo. Stay for the night.
Sun, 1 Mar - Mon, 2 Mar
Life On Board (LOB) to Komodo Islands
Tue, 3 Mar
Travel by Plane to Jakarta via Denpasar

That's it. I've laid out the planned itineraries because i want you guys to compare the plan vs actual thing.. which was waaayy off like 40% off.

For plane tickets, I purchased in advance:
- Citilink flight Jakarta - Denpasar : Rp. 626.000 (+/-$50)
- Citilink flight Denpasar - Jakarta : Rp. 670.000 (+/-$52)
- Garuda Indonesia Denpasar - Labuan Bajo : Rp. 742.000 (+/-$58)
- Garuda Indonesia Labuan Bajo - Denpasar : Rp. 753.000 (+/-$59)

Plane tix total : Rp. 2.791.000 (+/-$218)

Dang that's some money right there.. But well here it is, the prologue to my Eastern Indonesia journey. Stay tuned for the actual journey post(s)! I'll try to recall and write about it as soon as possible. I cant even remember budget i prepared and total expenses during the trip i might have to google a bit here and there.. My friend wrote about all coverage for the trip but her planner got stolen.. along with her whole bag im so!!! and i hope i dont lose the will to write because my job is an actual hell..


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Midyear Already??

It's pretty late in the night. And here I am, finally showing up after some long looooong time. Is it just me or life really speeds up? Already midyear? What did you guys miss?

*plays Elephant Gun by Beirut as background music*

Fiiiirst, I am 20yo this February! ....and I'm old. Bleh. I just don't really like the thought of being old, mostly physically. But I'm really grateful to my dear friends who prepared a small surprise event in the middle of the night (including you guys who've made me ran away from blocks to blocks and tied me up on the street), those who've sent me birthday greetings and wishes. Thank you :-)

Where have I been? Well, this semester really is giving me so much headaches. My choice of being a campus activist didn't get along well with this semester's assignments. I am in a major deadlines but this always-tired-ass  have made me spent most of my free time sleeping. I don't really have that much free time because of those campus activities. I am also taking extra classes outside the campus because you just thought that your campus didn't really provide enough education, and those never ending pile of works, like, I have 5 website projects due next week and still in the process of figuring out how to do it. Plus, finals are coming in a week. This month couldn't be better. *rolling eyes*

*le sigh

Man, I just can't wait for this month to end and I'll have the most cat-like vacation everrr! I'm planning to stay hid at home during my vacation, enjoying every bits of it because before you know, next semester is approaching at full speed! And I can't wait to meet my cats, eat home made dish, and (maybe) meet my high school friends.

I think this much is enough for today. We'll see when I'll be blogging again, I'm just plain lazy!

In case you guys forget how do I look... (really, Vebry? Really??! lol)

This is me trying to look cute and obviously failed x)
Until next time!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Care For Some Beaches?

Taken with Mini Diana.

Monday, December 26, 2011

A So-Called End Year Post.

Ugh, I need to post something... Only 3 posts this year? 

Well, hello, everyone. So first of all, Happy Christmas to those who celebrate, and it's almost new year!! *fireworks from distance*.


After looking at my blog-archive for this year, It looks like I didn't write any new year resolutions for 2011. Too bad though. I think I'll just write down what I'd accomplished this year.

1. I am gaining weight. FOR REAL. I'll just go aksnfkjskajsd
2. Good grades. Even it's less than my first semester. *scratch head* Oh wait my first GPA was also in 2011.
3. I was selected as a member of some outside campus organization. Still don't know how it works but that's also an achievement, right? Right?
4. Had my first concert and it was Paramore!! And I also got to watch my favorite band, Panic! at The Disco too! *thrills*

In this year I also discovered a lot of good musics that sometimes I'm always wondering why I hadn't known them in first place. I still can remember how shallow my taste of music was, by only listening to what my sister's currently listening at that time. But they say, better late than nothing. So here are my favorite artists/musicians of the year. You can also check out my's account too, we can be friends there :-)

1. Panic! at The Disco
Never get enough of them. Although their split in mid 2010, Urie and Smith doesn't stop doing music as well as Ross and Walker and I really enjoy Panic!'s newest works, Vices and Virtues (bought their awesome bundle too). 
Top three tracks (from their latest album) : Hurricane, Let's Kill Tonight, Nearly Witches (Ever Since We Met..)
2. Radiohead
This band is awesome. No more words.
Top three tracks albums: OK Computer, In Rainbows, Kid A.
Top three tracks: Weekend Wars, Song For Dan Treacy, It's Working.
4. Local Natives
I think this is the first indie band I'd liked with their songs I've been replaying like crazy. But somehow I don't really like their music videos, being hipster-ish and all, with some random teens just running happily around, lol. Nevertheless I still love their musics!!
Top three tracks: Shape Shifter, Cards and Quarters, World News.
5. Young The Giant
Cheers for good music and Sameer Gadhia's awesome vocal.
Top three tracks: St. Walker, Cough Syrup, My Body.
6. The Walkmen
I discovered them thanks to my friend's super awesome taste of music, Sarah, and now The Walkmen isn't going anywhere but my head.
Top three tracks: Angela Surf City, All My Great Designs, While I Shovel The Snow.
7. Beirut
Credit to Sarah again :-)
Top three tracks: Vagabond, Nantes, East Harlem

After contemplating on what to list next, I decided to keep the spotlight only for seven of them. 2012's resolutions? Well let's say I'll jot it down on my next post, probably.

Till next time :-)

Sunday, November 6, 2011


It's been half a year. I don't really know but my passion for blogging is slowly decreasing, so is it for photography. I always got my hands full of college activities, well, including spending time with my college mates. I often go home really late now, really different with when I was a student lol. 

So here are some back shots I took with my tele-zoom lens, which has already been sold to a friend.

I really think some catching up is necessarily needed, but I really don't know how to share stories here anymore. My life is really ordinary right now, as what I really do is go to college-go home or going somewhere with my friends. I also tweet a lot so it really feels like I had shared everything and don't know what to share in here then. I haven't been doing photo shoot lately because me and my model friends are really busy.

Last semester my cellphone got stolen, again. It happened in our class room when we were taking our semester exam. I was using it as calculator. So when I was going to summon up my exam papers I left it on my desk. I realized it after about fifteen minutes sitting in front of that class. And  there you go. I lost it. 

After I got my scholarship money recently I was able to buy another phone. So let's hope this one lasts for years, dang it.